What is a Volunteer Leader?
HandsOn Northeast Ohio Volunteer Leaders (VLs) are the heart and face of the Managed Projects Program and National Days of Service, and in the community. Volunteer Leaders provide leadership to volunteers at designated HandsOn NEO projects and act as the liaison between them, HandsOn NEO staff members, and our agency partners.

What makes a great Volunteer Leader?
The best Volunteer Leaders bring energy and enthusiasm to HandsOn NEO projects. They are trustworthy, organized, and open-minded individuals that wish to grow as leaders and create a fun and engaging atmosphere for all volunteers. 

What are the responsibilities of a Volunteer Leader?
Volunteer Leaders are asked to lead between four and six individual project occurrences each calendar year. Volunteer Leaders guide volunteers through the project, including signing in, providing instructional leadership on project tasks, agency background information, and a short post project reflection. Volunteer Leaders also record attendance and impact measures at projects and on the HandsOn NEO website, which takes about 10 minutes additional time.

Why are Volunteer Leaders important to HandsOn Northeast Ohio?
Volunteer Leaders are vitally important to the success of HandsOn NEO projects as their experience provides the structure for a great volunteer experience and their enthusiasm for the project creates a welcoming and fun atmosphere. HandsOn NEO is able to expand its volunteer programming as we add strong Volunteer Leaders to our team of committed citizen leaders. 

What should I expect from Volunteer Leader Training?
During the one hour training individuals will learn how to become an effective Volunteer Leader, including current best practices before, during, and after a project, and how to deal with unexpected situations. The training will also cover HandsOn NEO policies, and how to accurately speak about HandsOn NEO’s mission. Additionally, individuals will learn how to print sign in sheets and record attendance on the HandsOn Website. All Volunteer Leaders are required to have a background check, paid for by HandsOn NEO, and completed during training.
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