What Does It Mean To Retire United? Well...Living United is something you do because you believe it will make a positive impact on your community. Retiring United is a way to help you stay connected, and Living United even after you leave the work place. 

We believe that our retirees are an important part of our community, and of creating change. This page is where you can find information about opportunities tailored specifically to our Retire United Community Members. 


How to Sign Up For Projects: 

If you do not yet have an account, either follow the steps outlined in the picture below to create a new account,  email Charlotte at charlotte@handsonneo.org, or call at 440-277-6530 ext. 238 and speak to Charlotte and she will help you set up your account. 

If you already have an account, or you just signed up for one, then simply enter the invitation code you were given into the box and you will be able to sign up for Retire United volunteer opportunities. 




United Way Retire United Volunteer Opportunities

To view the current volunteer opportunities for United Way Retire United, enter an invitation code below: