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FO September 11


Most companies understand that supporting volunteerism is good for business and the community, but many struggle to achieve their desired impact due to limited resources, a lack of infrastructure or lack of an effective vehicle for employee involvement. HandsOn Northeast Ohio (NEO) gives you the tools to implement or strengthen a formal Employee Volunteer Program, and relieves companies of the responsibility of planning and coordinating volunteer initiatives.  
Business Offerings include: 
Business Shares program: From start to finish, HandsOn coordinates a one-day volunteer project for a group from your company.
Sponsorships: Your company gains visibility as it supports volunteerism in Northeast Ohio through sponsorship or in-kind donations.
National Service Days: Your company may sponsor or engage a group of employees in a nation-wide day of service, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service on January 15, 2011 or the September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance.
Access to Managed Projects: Individuals or groups of employee volunteers who have participated in a HandsOn volunteer orientation may participate in any ongoing managed project available at www.handsonneo.org. Projects typically occur on evenings and weekends. The volunteer hours logged by your employees are tracked by the HandsOn technology and linked back to your company as a metric of your employees’ community impact.